9 Contemporary Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Decor

No matter what style you’re choosing to decorate your house, you can always make it contemporary. From stainless steel kitchens to floating staircases and avant-garde light fixtures, contemporary finishes are all the rage these days.

Some contemporary decorating ideas are:

1. Glass:

Contemporary design focuses on minimalism, sleekness and colours. Glass walls, big windows, glass tables and chandeliers will make your living space feel fresh, modern, and cool.

2. Funky light fixtures:

Light fixtures are a fun way to splash out and add a little bit of texture and funk to a room. There seems to be little to no end when it comes to the innovative designs that people are coming out with from rustic, industrial looks, to elegant hand blown glass.

3. Colour:

When it comes to decorating the inside of a home, a lot of people steer away from colour and towards boring beiges. Bright colours and a great way to liven up a space. Maybe you can splash out with some cool Philip Stark chairs or a bright, pony haired couch.

4. Buy some modern art:

Even if your house is old and Victorian you could make it more current if you put some modern art on its walls. Keeping up with what’s coming in to your favourite galleries is a good place to find inspiration.

5. High ceilings:

High ceilings are a guaranteed way to make your house seem grandiose. They also leave a lot of wall room to decorate or even leave empty for that minimalist feel.

6. Exposed piping:

For a modern, industrial look, all you really have to do is tear out your carpeting, smash down your walls and leave your pipes exposed. Exposed brick and floating staircases are a stylish way to compliment this look.

7. Black and white tiled floors:

For a very French and a very cool look try out some black and white tiles. This is a great look for a front entrance or a bathroom.

8. An outdoor space in the middle of your home:

This is only really suited for homes in warm weather climates. It is though, very cool to be walking through someone’s home and come across a big square of grass. When you look up, you see there is no roof, but a balcony that leads to rooms.

9. Fabric ceilings:

If you’re planning an event and you want to get creative with the ceiling why not use fabric? With fabric you can have fun with colours, shapes, styles and effects.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to contemporary decorating.

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