Contemporary Decor is Unmistakably Sleek and Totally YOU

Contemporary Decor

Are you looking for décor that is simple, sleek, chic and a little funky? Contemporary décor is what you want. Simple yet bold, decorating in contemporary fashion offers a look that is totally unique. Some confuse this style with others like deco, but when you see a good example, you will realize that it stands apart from any other style.

What really sets your style apart from the rest is how you accessorize. Every home needs a touch of individuality, as well as glimpses of your personality here and there; this is what makes it yours! By using furniture, flooring and accessories you truly love, your home will be one that is comfortable, relaxing and beautiful.

Contemporary Furnishings

Contemporary furnishings are sleek and simple. Consider living room tables that are topped with glass, or simple wooden tables with no elaborate decoration. Chairs, sofas and recliners can be leather or even wood that is polished to a high gloss. Here again, you want a simple look – nothing fancy or too elaborate looking. Leather and steel is great in this style of décor!

Scandinavian design furniture is suited well to this style of decorating. In the bedroom, consider a simple headboard with no footboard. This creates an airy, open feel that isn’t bulky.

Adding Interest to Walls

The walls of your home can be nearly any color you like; soft pastels work well, as do bold colors. Paint only a wall or two in the room instead of all walls, this helps break the room up and adds depth. You may even consider using a faux finish on one wall. For the windows, you can leave them totally bare or use simple shutters.

Light Up Your Funky Chic Décor!

All too often, people forget that there are different styles of lighting. To create a truly contemporary look, use the right lighting. Light the kitchen with fluorescent lights to create a bright space. The living area looks great when recessed lighting is used, particularly when it is placed to highlight areas of interest or a focal point. You may want to consider touches of neon lighting here and there as well. Place a lamp or two in the living area. Retro style lamps are a perfect complement to contemporary furnishings.

Go Wild with Accessories

Here comes the fun part – and this is where you can really add personality. Accessories do for your home what jewelry does for you. It adds sparkle and dresses the room up! For contemporary décor, you will want to use abstract glass sculptures, rugs with abstract or geometric designs, primitive art, colorful abstract paintings and even black and white pictures.

Artwork can be hung without a frame, or with a simple chrome or brass frame. Choose accessories that really speak to you, or that you absolutely feel would make the perfect accent in your home. Contemporary décor is sleek, hip, and never bulky or congested looking. Use your imagination and have fun creating a look that all your friends will envy!

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