Contemporary Decorating Style

Contemporary Decor

Contemporary style or ideas can be easily identified. This is because the main traits of these styles are orderly placement, finer lines and a combination of modern and traditional ideas without actually contradicting each other. The texture used is usually more sober and more comfortable. Bright colors are rarely used because in this style the colors used are warm and in the mid range.

Simplicity is the key feature

In contemporary decorating style remember the key idea is simplicity. Even in the furniture the colors used are material used is very sober and sometimes even boring. However at times there can even be an infusion of bright colors and this may come from an accent wall that has a contrast color or vivid colored cushions, sometimes even rugs that are really colorful will compliment the contemporary look of your home.

Some ideas that you can use: Following are some of the ideas that can be implemented in order to get that contemporary feel:

o The things you use must be modern, practical and functional at the same time.

o You need to choose Berber if you are looking for a smooth surface.

o Details like furnishings, accessories and moldings need to be avoided on all surfaces.

o There must a consistency in the design that you choose, be it wood surface, tables or shelves.

o You could cover a wall with fine texture of linen wall paper. And the patterns must be simple.

o The fabrics used for the upholstery should be either in silk, wool or even linen with a special focus texture and color and not patterns.

o A special emphasis needs to be kept on less clutter and it could sometimes be difficult in a normal house. But the idea is to keep the clutter in a place that is out of sight.

o Other important feature is the use of multi-door systems, use of materials like bright metals like nickel, chrome etc. but definitely in a very subtle manner.

Also remember to use light fixtures that are also contemporary in design. But the most important thing that you need to remember is consistency in all that you do and all that you choose for your home. Failing which the entire effort taken by you could be lost.

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